Andaz Resort and Spa in Scottsdale

Andaz Resort and Spa in Scottsdale

Andaz Resort and Spa in Scottsdale is one of my new favorite resorts. No wonder they were featured on the Conde Nast Travelers hot list for 2017. This resort is all about customer service with a local trendy and chic vibe. Andaz Scottsdale, is part of the Hyatt group and is nestled just off of Scottsdale Rd on Rose Ln. This location is great as it is close to the best shopping and nightlife in the city. The first thing I noticed was the stunning mountain views and modern architecture as I drove to the main building that hosts the lobby, gift shop, bar and restaurant. The understated grays combined with the natural wood and large windows lends itself to a seamless and respectful pairing with nature.  

Check In

When checking in, there were two bell hop’s on the curb anticipating our arrival and ready to offer help. They had me leave my bags and car running and head into the building to complete check in. As soon as I walked in the main building there was no wait and I was instantly greeted by a woman in stylish clothes. She brought over an iPad, which she used to check me in. She offered me a complimentary drink and was warm and friendly. There are 201 eclectic art inspired guest suites, in over 45 one story bungalows. The first thing I noticed is how the resort is quiet, trendy and chic. The furnishings are all very now. Everything is eclectic and artsy with a variety of textures and earthy color scheme with small colorful accents.

Andaz Resort and Spa - Front of building and lobby

Our Room

When entering our room, I noticed on the dresser that the staff left a note wishing my friend a happy birthday and a surprise bottle of champagne. There was also a note on a tray stating that snacks were on them, as well as all non alcoholic beverages in the mini fridge, and a list of the costs for the alcoholic beverages. I was beginning to see that the Andaz really knows that the little things go along way! The Andaz does offer free Valet and self parking, however the way that the resort is laid out, as well as the particular location of our room made it most convenient to drive myself to the building where we were staying and park my car in the small parking lot near our room.


Andaz Resort and Spa - Resort Grounds and Room


After checking out the room and settling in, my friends and I cracked open the bottle of champagne and got ready for our massages. We walked over to the Palo Verde Spa and we were warmly greeted by a receptionist who showed us to our locker. We put on our robes and waited in the lux waiting area for our therapists to come and fetch us. While we waited, they had delicious pastries, mixed nuts and fruit to snack on, and plenty of fresh water. The therapists came and escorted us back to out treatment rooms. My therapist introduced me to the essential oil options and let me know her recommendations. I agreed with her selection. The tables linens were high quality and the table was warmed from underneath providing optimal comfort. The therapist was an obvious pro, working all my knots out without causing any discomfort.


Andaz Resort and Spa - Spa room with fresh fruit and snacks

Hot Tub & Dinner

My friends and I met each other in the private outdoor hot tub where we soaked and chatted about how great our massages were and caught up until it was time to get ready for dinner. We got ready in our room for the evening and then walked to the onsite bar Weft and Warf, Art bar and Kitchen.  There we all sat at the bar and made friends with the bartender. The Bartender and staff were all attentive and fun. We all sat at the bar and ordered beer and wine. We shared the Bond burger – bleu cheese, bacon and pickled red onion on a Brioche Bun.  It was pretty tasty!


Andaz Resort and Spa - Onsite Restaurant

Old Town

We all ubered to old town to celebrate my friends birthday and had a blast bar hopping there. Around 1AM we arrived back and headed to the pool. It was technically closed at that time but we were still able to jump in. We met a group of really fun people and had a ton of fun. The staff came and told us to quiet down but they let us stay. Turns out there were a few too many of us and we couldn’t keep the noise down enough, so ultimately we had to leave. The staff was very gracious and kind and we headed back to the room.

At the room we decided we wanted a snack and called room service. My friend put the phone on speaker so we could hear our options.

“Hello Room Service”

“Hi we were wondering if you had anything available at this hour?”

“Yes, we have an overnight menu.”

“Oh, perfect would you read it to us please?”

“We have a chicken wrap.”

“We will have a chicken wrap!”

“Oh would you pleeaaassseee find some chocolate too and bring it to us?”

{The man chuckles on the phone and says he’ll see what he can do}

In what seemed like lightening speed we had a chicken wrap with chips and a plate of chocolate covered pretzels!!! This is when I knew I LOVED ANDAZ!


The next morning we went back to the trendy restaurant bar and had brunch. We all had the dirty hash browns which were amazing with our Bloody Mary’s! The hash browns were cooked perfectly crunchy and so flavorful combined with the savory Green Chile Pork, mouth watering Queso and topped off with the perfect fried egg, the white completely cooked and the yolk completely runny! Melissa also ordered the Waffles and Raspberries with fresh made cream and a Mimo. Fresh made cream is one of my favorite things, however the waffles had a very distinct eggy flavor which I am not sure I liked. They weren’t bad but they were different, and the raspberries and cream were superb.


Andaz Resort and Spa - Brunch

Overall, we had an excellent stay at the Hyatt’s new Andaz in Scottsdale and it was their style, staff, and close attention to detail that made the weekend perfection!




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